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Heat Pump Repair and Installation

Heat Pump Repair and Installation

Complete Heat Pump Repair & Installation

Save money and improve your home's heating efficiency with help from a heat pump. For more information on heat pump installations or to schedule heat pump repair or maintenance, call Airrow Heating at 541-265-8000 today.

Homeowners in Lincoln County, OR are always looking for the next innovation in heating and cooling systems. One of the most popular alternatives to traditional heaters and furnaces is the heat pump. At Airrow Heating, we provide expert heat pump services, including recommendations on a heat pump system that will be perfect for your home.

Benefits of Heat Pump Installation

These units are gaining popularity with homeowners for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons why homeowners switch to heat pumps include:

Improves efficiency: Since the unit uses ground or air temperature to change the temperature in your home, they use less fuel and are more efficient.
Cost-saving: Using less fuel to operate means a reduced energy bill each month.
Better for the environment: Heat pump companies will confirm that improving efficiency and switching to a heat pump will also help reduce your carbon footprint.
More options: Heat pumps can be operated by many different types of energy sources such as gas, oil, electric and even solar power.

What About Heat Pump Repairs?

Heat pumps actually have fewer moving parts and components than traditional heaters and furnaces. This means that there is less maintenance involved with operating one, and you will experience fewer breakdowns or repairs. With that being said, if you do experience a problem, you can always count on the heat pump repair service experts at Airrow Heating. Our specialists can let you know if the system can be easily repaired or if you are better off investing in a heat pump replacement.

Why Choose Us?

As a heat pump expert, we have vast knowledge and experience working with these popular heating systems. In addition to our expertise, we also include the following features and benefits to add even more value to our work:

  • 24-hour service available
  • Authorized dealer
  • Heat pump experts
  • Award winning installer
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24 Hour Emergency Service
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